Although the potential market for low cost ethanol produced by Agrol's technology is truly global and nearly limitless, there are three areas of the world where mature ethanol markets already exist: Europe, the USA and in Brazil. In all of these areas there are existing identified market opportunities for Agrol and commitment within these markets to expand the production of ethanol. Asia, Africa and the rest of South America have less well developed ethanol industries, although potential demand, raw material availability and low labour costs make them particularly attractive as future markets.

Globally about two-thirds of total ethanol production is used for motor fuel. The main non-fuel markets are industrial, for solvents and chemicals and, as alcoholic beverages, for human consumption.

The reason for its use in motor fuel varies. In the USA it is largely due to environmental legislation (Clean Air Act 1990) demanding the incorporation of 2% oxygen in motor fuel through additives such as ethanol, to reduce vehicle emissions. In Brazil, the world’s largest producer of ethanol (12 billion tonnes/annum), the prime motivation is import substitution of petroleum. There is growing demand for ethanol as a fuel around the world. The main factor hindering growth is production cost. Reducing production costs by 50-70% will enable Agrol products to meet this growing demand.