Agrol green tech is EuroAsian Technology Consultancy (EATC) subsidary that aims to be a significant force in the exploitation of the world's inexhaustible biomass resource, (non-edible plant residues) through advanced engineering technology to produce biofuels, biodegradable chemicals and materials such as medium density fibre (MDF) board or pulp, or plastics. Agrol's mission is to become one of the world leaders in producing bioethanol,biodiesel and other biomass derived products.

It aims to do this through building bio-refineries using its advanced technology in conjunction with local partners in biomass rich areas of the world such as the Pacific Rim, the Americas and Europe. Its initial focus is on the $10 billion per annum ethanol and diesel markets. Agrol's advanced enginering process can uniquely reduce the production costs by 50-70%. It is this reduction in production costs that will enable Agrol to achieve its mission. EATC aims to be a significant role in the exploitation of the world's advanced technologies in European and Asian markets. EATC is currently working on building a biodiesel plant by using spent organic oil, UK.

Agrol and its partners are actively developing projects in South East Asia, Europe and the USA. They are based on agro-industrial residues, field and forestry wastes. Agrol invests, co-invests or licences its proprietary technologies and can provide turnkey projects including engineering and finance.